J & G Associates are pleased to be the UK and Ireland representatives of Wetering Rotterdam.

J & G Associates are pleased to now offer the 'Techcross Electro-Cleen (TM) System' (ECS) for ballast water treatment.

The Techcross System (ECS) is one of the most effective Ballast Water Treatment Systems utilising electrolysis technology. This makes it different from other chlorination systems. The treatment process uses electrochemical generation of the biocide solution as required on board and the highly concentrated chlorination solution is injected directly into the ballast pipe line. The process is automatically controlled to ensure sufficient treatment levels are achieved without over dosing. Similarly, the residual level in the ballast water discharge is controlled and monitored to ensure minimum environmental impact.

The Techcross System has a relatively small footprint, minimal effect on ballast water flow and relatively low power demand compared to other systems.

Click here for further information about Electro-Cleen (TM) System. (pdf 3.62 MB)


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