p_trapJ & G Associates are pleased to be the UK and Ireland representatives of Wetering Rotterdam, providers of counter piracy solutions for every type of vessel. The anti-piracy system P-Trap has been designed to protect vessels against armed robberies and piracy attacks by stopping boarding attempts and forcing pirates to give up and search for easier targets. The design also allows vessels more time to alert the navy and get support.

P-Trap is a passive non-lethal self-protection measure against piracy. Using a simple and effective design, it creates a safety zone around the vessel where it is most vulnerable and keeps approaching vessels at a safe distances.  Click here for more design information. (pdf 536 kb)

P-Trap can be easily applied to any vessel, deployed in a matter of minutes without crew involvement and is suitable in all weather conditions. Click here for more information about the P-Trap Swivel Boom and P-Trap Sliding Boom.  (pdf 442 kb)


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